Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

Been awhile. A shot from my new life outside.

You’ve No Idea How Hard I Try

The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.

I have no idea who wrote this but it’s beautiful, simple and brilliant! Surely something to strive for.


I Have Every Reason

to be looking at my life through rose colored glasses.

Too bad I’m too blinded to find them.

Brilliantly said

It’s really easy to slide into a depression fueled by the pointlessness of existence.

Robert Smith


Somehow in my 58 years of existence I’ve never had this disease… until now.

WOW. This really kicks you in the ass. Get up to do something as simple as taking an aspirin and I have to go back to bed out of pure exhaustion. Two weeks of it so far. I’d like to say I’m done with it but the hits just keep on coming.

Empathy? Compassion?

I’ve been thinking a lot about these two words lately. They are to me what others call love… I think. I see/feel them in words, songs and in nature. Maybe they’re all the same maybe not. Doesn’t much matter I guess as I’m not going to argue the semantics. And I’m surely not that good at putting my deepest thoughts on paper… or a website. But I know my feelings and I’m doing my best at making them something I can reflect back on.

I’ve always said that Compassion is more important than the 3 R’s. But really, are they feelings that require teaching? Or are they feelings that we all have and at some point in life (possibly at a very young age) is/are overpowered by the selfish wants we all have? Greed? Power?

Maybe I’ve been wrong all this time. Maybe just reminding others not lose sight of things that are already known and beautiful. Maybe we should teach how not to forget the feeling of pain and suffering in others.

After all, shouldn’t being better, be life’s goal?



is every bit the mental skill as remembering.


So Much Has Happened These Past Weeks

The last weekend of August (I think it was then anyway) we wen’t to see Mom and Dad to celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary. It was Mom, Dad the kids and the guys and gals they each hitched up with. Crowd was always under control and a pleasant, peaceful happy time was had. No one said what shouldn’t be said, no one saw something they shouldn’t have seen.

I love you all. For along with a little turbulence here and there, we all stuck it out and I think we all turned out OK. Our spectacular parents did a damn good job. Not one of us grew up to be either politicians or lawyers.

Peace All.


During one of the brief intermissions I went outside and chatted it up with Mother Nature. She was beautiful that day as well.


Today was Brutal! Part II

Same product. Same people involved. The greed is tearing everything to shit!

Thank God none of the strife and backstabbing is visible to the public.

Spent nearly 2 hours on the phone today with a guy that clearly hates my guts. I let him speak his mind. I tried to play the Devil’s advocate the best I possibly could. It wasn’t a fun chat. Didn’t try to convince him of anything but the definition of good ethics. Something obviously not familiar to him.

If you have to spend anytime at all wondering if something you were doing is right or not, it probably isn’t. But I don’t think you’ll ever get it D.

Had an Eventful Ride

Well let’s see. Where do I start?

Saw 3 owls. Each swooped down within 50 feet of me as I was riding. One of them was so close I even saw his eyes. I haven’t seen 3 like that in my life much less all in one 85 mile ride.

I got spooked by a deer. I guess we’re even. It got pretty spooked by me. Thankfully, like the owls we never got “too” close.

Met 2 hobo’s. 1 human, 1 dog. Not to be confused with beggars or homeless. They weren’t begging, neither of them. And homeless? Not even close. Wherever they are is their home. The guy worked day jobs and when he had enough to move on, he did just that with the pooch by his side. Carefree and talk about being off the grid. I very much envy them both and those like them. Never asking for a thing, never expecting the same. I often wonder if I could do the same? I gave them 40 bucks and wished them well. He immediately went in to the RaceTrack and spent it all on beer. haha. Nope! He walked in and bought the dog a can of food. Didn’t get anything for himself.
That hobo has class. He has compassion.

Silver Dodge 300 in Homosassa. This fucking brainless nimrod pulls out in front of me while I was tooling down the highway at the speed limit plus 5. I had to pull a few tricks out of my hat to avoid being part of his driver side door panel. It was as close as I’ve been to a collision since my last collision in 1984. After the evasive maneuvers I realized my heart rate was too high not to mention I wanted to do nothing more than kill the oxygen wasting asshole. Backed it down a few mph and eventually convinced myself to not go after him and probably get my ass kicked after spending all my luck avoiding him in the first place. Probably a wise move on my part.

I hit a rat! In a 4 lane highway I run over a rat no bigger than my fist. What are the chances my 1 inch contact patch on the road of life would wind up running over some poor fucking rat just trying to make a life for himself? I felt bad about it. I’m confident it felt much worse. =/

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